What is Aniball?

Aniball is a medical device for natural birth so the woman can discover her pelvic floor, its strength and understand on what principle it works. Aniball is used for prenatal preperation, prevention of perineal injuries and pelvic floor muscles rehabilitation after the sixth week after pregnancy for prevention of stress incontinence. 

Purpose of use:

Aniball is a proven medical device that effectively helps to practice the conscious relaxation of the pelvic floor in the context of breathing without forced pushing, allows you to test the appropriate birth position and pressure, positively stimulates the vaginal muscles and improves perineum elasticity during prenatal preperation. The result is that the expulsion phase of the newborn is facilitated, thus helping to prevent the perineum from tearing or cutting. The use of the device after the sixth week postpartum contributes to the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, which leads to a reduction in incontinence in the later perion after childbirth.

This medical device has been developed in cooperation with physiotherapists. It is the best training method aimed at avoiding tearing or episiotomies during childbirth.