Exercise Instructions

Do not start using Aniball earlier than 3 or 4 weeks before the due date.

Set apart 15 – 30 minutes for the exercise at a time you know you won’t be disturbed. Lie down and bend your legs slightly. You may find a different position in which you feel more comfortable while exercising.

  • Before inserting the balloon, you should feel relaxed. Try to stay relaxed during the entire exercise. The ability to focus on stretching and relaxing your muscles is essential for good results.
  • Hold the balloon by the neck and insert its larger round side (about 7 cm) into your vagina. To make the insertion easier, we recommend inflating the balloon by pressing it once or twice. You may also lubricate the balloon’s surface. For more information seeHandling Instructions.
  • Once the balloon is in place and not causing you pain or discomfort, press the pump repeatedly. By inflating the balloon you are increasing the pressure felt in the surrounding muscles and perineum. When using Aniball for the first time, it is enough to pump it only several times (1-5 times); increase this number gradually in the subsequent exercises. Increasing the size of the balloon inside the vagina results in stretching the muscles and you feeling the strain; this sensation is normal when exercising. You may decrease the balloon’s size at any time during the exercise by using the valve. Should you start experiencing sharp or painful sensations, release the air completely and stop exercising for the moment.
  • When using the balloon for the first time, you should be aware of the balloon’s position and what it does inside the vagina by using your pelvic floor muscles. Stretching and relaxing these muscles cause the balloon to move slightly inside your vagina. Repeat this exercise for 1-2 minutes at short intervals of 10 seconds: stretching the muscles and relaxing them.
  • Now you can proceed with expelling the balloon. Concentrate and try to squeeze the balloon from the vagina. Make sure the pressure comes from the pelvic floor only (you must not feel any accumulating pressure at the head – it is a common mistake). Your body should be absolutely loose and relaxed from the waist up. The pressure you feel is comparable to the rectal pressure you feel during a bowel movement. The balloon stretches the perineum and then slides out of the vagina.
  • Repeat the whole process several times.

The results of each exercise may be measured using the accompanying meter. With each exercise you achieve a higher diameter. The desired result is to achieve 30cm in the circumference of the balloon (which corresponds to the average circumference of a newborn) after 3-4 weeks of regular exercise.

Instructions for Use for download here.